5 Amazing Vehicle Lifts From Around The World

Vehicle lifts might sound futuristic, but they’re widely used around in the world in luxury apartment buildings and commercial car-park operations. Some car lifts are used in manufacturing sites, where large volumes of cars need to be stored. But which lifts stand above the rest? Here are five of the most awesome vehicle lift installations from around the world.

1. Car elevator at 200 Eleventh Avenue, New York

Every apartment at 200 Eleventh Avenue, located in the trendy Chelsea neighbourhood in New York City, has its own en suite sky garage accessed by a car elevator. You can drive your car right into the elevator and you’ll be taken up to your apartment. Your car will beparked right next to your lounge room, and when you need to head out again, simply get back in your vehicle and take the elevator back down to street level.

2. PhantomPark, USA

Want to hide away your car or save more space in your garage?The PhantomPark system by American Custom Lifts is the solution. Featuring a two-deck underground vehicle parking system, PhantomPark can lift up to two 7,000 pound (around 3,175kg) vehicles at the same time. When stowed away, the deck structure and its components are completely concealed under the ground level so visitors won’t even know there’s an underground garage. You can park over the same spot to effectively double your parking capacity.

Making parking easieris essential for future proofing properties. Systems like PhantomPark could offer a savvy way to save space, especially in low-ceiling spaces or other high density premises.

3. Autostadt Silos, Wolfsburg, Germany

The Autostadt Silos is possibly the most advanced car garage on the planet. After leaving the VW factory, new cars are taken on a conveyor belt down a tunnel to one of the two 60 metre tall silos. The car is then picked up by an automated vehicle elevator, which travels at 1.5 metres per second. The elevator locates an empty slot and uses an extension tool to set the car into the waiting slot. Thanks to the seamless, no-driving process through the conveyor belt and vehicle lifts, new owners can pick up their cars from the silos with zero on the odometer.

The Autostadt Silos are another great example of outstanding car-parking design for saving space, and this design concept could be applied to large apartment and residential housing blocks in the future.

4. Dezervator, Porsche Design Tower Miami, Miami

Much like 200 Eleventh Avenue, the Dezervator car elevator at the Porsche Design Tower takes drivers straight from the street to their apartments. Many of the 132 units in the building has up to 11 parking spots available, and the building has three car elevators to service its residents. The lift features glass tube finishing, glass doors, and a touchscreen control panel.

Each vehicle lift has plates that pull the car into the elevator before locking the vehicle into place. At the base of the lifts are rotating platforms that makes setting down and retrieving the cars easy.

5. AutoMotion Parking Systems, Chinatown, New York

AutoMotion Parking Systems’ NYC Chinatown garage features smart robotic lifts that park cars automatically. When it’s time to retrieve your parked car, the robotic lifts open the door to your slot, raises or brings down your vehicle to the street level, and delivers it to you at the garage door at street level.

The lift platform can be rotated, making it easy to turn your car in the right direction for retrieval and storage. The garage stores67 cars underground, where a traditional garage can store only 24, and the space maximisation is made possible by the robotic lift. This is a great vehicle lift design that can support space efficiency, especially for large-scale residential housing projects.

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