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On average the duration between signing a contract and delivery is 26 weeks.

It typically takes 6 weeks to install a standard small lift.

No it will not fall. There are a number of mechanical and electrical devices fitted to ensure that even before the ropes were cut a lift would not fall.

This is not recommended as our technicians are licensed electricians and specifically trained on lift systems and procedures. In some states an annual maintenance certificate is required to signed off by a competent service provider.

This is not recommended as any internal changes can affect the weight load of the lift, compliance to fire and safety codes and may affect the operation of the equipment.

Unlike the previous copper network, the NBN does not guarantee continuity of service during a power outage.

In many cases existing infrastructure for lift emergency phones, fire alarm panels, back to base security systems, medical alert systems and landline phones can no longer be relied upon in such situations once the NBN has been connected.

Our call centre is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Liftronic specialises in covering the East Coast of Australia with technicians based in the major cities and also suburban and regional areas. Our Corporate teams are based in each Capital city with our Head office located in Sydney.

Our technicians will do everything possible to arrive quickly to your location. You must keep in mind that they are not emergency response vehicles so they must adhere to the road rules. Most calls are responded to within 30 – 60 minutes.

Liftronic’s Sales and Engineering team are happy to discuss a Bespoke design with you.

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