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Our products, engineering components and architectural finishes are drawn from multiple supply chains that connect our customers to the latest and best solutions in the world.

For over 30 years Liftronic have installed and maintained vertical transport solutions across a broad spectrum of Australian operating environments. We are justifiably proud of the quality of our products and the expertise of our people.

Our unique position in the sector allows us to maximise the service, operational and financial deliverables that are valued by our clients and their customers, in retail environments, Government facilities, transport hubs, residential towers, and office blocks.

Some features of our commercial lift solutions include:

  • Machine-roomless, gearless, traction lifts for low-rise and medium rise buildings
  • Energy efficient and space saving lifts for high-rise buildings
  • Cost-efficient pre-engineered lifts for low-rise and medium rise buildings
  • Glass observation lifts and highly customised lifts for low rise, medium-rise and high-rise buildings
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High Rise Buildings

Liftronic’s smooth, quiet and reliable lifts are renowned for superior ride quality and industry leading levels of performance and durability.

Quality finishes, and flexible design options complete a suite of products that enhance a buildings atmosphere and professional environment over prolonged service cycles.

Coupled with state-of-the-art Destination Control Systems and energy collection technology, complete a comprehensive response to the most demanding requirements of modern building infrastructure.

SOLUTION lifts feature :

  • Lifts in one group – up to 6
  • Load – up to 2,000kg
  • Speed – up to 7.0 mps (dependent on load)
  • Lift travel – up to 200 mts
  • Landing entrances – up to 32
  • Door arrangements – centre or side opening
  • Clear opening widths and height – up to 1,200mm and 2,400mm
  • Counterweight location – side or rear
  • Custom layout, car and indication designs available
  • Clear wall options available to provide views for passengers within glass shafts

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MRL Gearless Traction

For some applications, a Machine Roomless (MRL) Elevator is the best option.

Our Unitronic range of elevators don’t require a purpose-built lift motor room above them, as the equipment is located within the lift shaft instead. This means significant cost savings on both construction and installation, as well as the benefit of not having to allocate additional space in your design.

  • Up to 27 passengers (2,205kg)
  • Up to 1.6 m/s lift speed depending on load
  • Low operating costs thanks to the latest VVVF drive technology (Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency gearless lift machinery)
  • Quiet, smooth operation for rider comfort
  • Side or Centre opening doors
  • Full design flexibility to suit your application

With glass wall options available you can provide views for riders on externally located lift shafts, or install quality marble walls in internal shafts.

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Destination Control System

In busy commercial buildings, it can be frustrating for workers and visitors to be left wondering where the nearest lift is and when it will arrive.

That’s where our DESTINO Hall Call Destination Control Systems excel. Featuring easy-to-understand touch screens, they display the current lift locations as well as which lift will be servicing the call.

But the benefit isn’t just to the user, it’s to the building owner as well. The DCS (Designation Control System) can save thousands of unnecessary stopovers each year, they take lift efficiency (and user experience) to a whole new level.

  • Efficient utilisation of the lifts by grouping together passengers with the same destination floors
  • Featuring easy to understand touch screens, the current lift locations as well as clearly displaying which lift will answer each call
  • The Destination Control System will provide the latest advanced technology available and thereby save thousands of lift start/stops per year which helps decrease energy consumption and improve passenger experience.

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