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Lifts and escalators are an essential part of any modern multi-storey building. But if your building carries high foot traffic each day or your lift is simply getting old, then talk with the experts at Liftronic.

Our team of designers and engineers can help put together a new lift solution to suit your building aesthetic and the flow of people each day.

Whether it’s a lift car refurbishment or complete upgrade, we’ll give your building the modern feel it deserves.

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Why upgrade with Liftronic?

With a track record of elevating our client’s expectations for over 30 years, we’re a great choice for your project.

Over 7 million people travel in our lifts or on our escalators each day, so isn’t it time your visitors did too?

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Competitive rates & great value for money

At Liftronic, we offer competitive rates and great value for money moderisation packages from the simplest of lift interior make-overs to complete control system replacement projects, tailored to meet building requirements and budgets of all sizes.

Starting with a free evaluation and quote, we can provide advice across an extensive range of quality options, from control panels and doors to fixtures and finishes.

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5 great reasons to
modernise your lifts today

Regardless of your current lift model or make, our talented and experienced team of designers and engineers can upgrade it.

If your current lifts are doing the job and justifying a new lift installation might be a challenge, then here’s some other benefits to consider. A new lift will give you:

  • Greater energy
    efficiency and
    lower running

  • Improved safety
    and reliability so
    you can meet the
    latest standards
    and legislation

  • Smoother
    operation and
    correct levelling at
    landing point
    (reducing risk)

  • Improved
    aesthetics and
    increased value of
    your building asset

  • Faster travel time
    between floors for
    quicker people

Using the latest in lift technology and control systems, we’ll create an upgrade solution that will match both your intended outcomes and your budget.

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When you need great service and support, 24/7

Once you complete a modernisation project with Liftronic, you can also expect fast response from our on-call service department, 24/7 every day of the year.

We offer a flexible choice of service agreements to keep your lifts and escalators in good working order for years to come.

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7 millionPeople use our lifts every day

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