Designed to be easy to use

Our vehicle lifts work the same way as any other – you go in, press the floor button and the lift takes you there.

Drivers simply drive their car in, turn it off, reach through the window to press the buttons, and remain seated while the lift does the hard work.

Once at the floor of their choice, they can simply drive out and park their car. No dangerous turns, no getting dizzy, and less exhaust fumes.

And best of all, it’s a great way to save where space is at a premium.

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Our small to medium vehicle lifts come fully featured

We’ve got options to suit every carpark, from open air, to deep underground.

  • Max load 5,000kg + load rating to handle nearly any passenger vehicle
  • Compliant with all Australian building code standards
  • Custom and standard sizes available to suit most installations
  • Brushed Stainless steel finishes
  • Robust and reliable design for all-day, every-day operation
  • Available with single door, or ‘drive-through’ configurations
  • Internal lift car panel to accommodate any size, load or speed.

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Heavy load capacity for larger vehicles

Key benefits for Larger Vehicle and Truck lifts.

  • Heavy load capacity, up to 300 tonnes
  • High stability and rigidity
  • Entirely mechanical
  • Telescopic, space saving
  • Works in tension and compression
  • Accurate repeatable positioning in millimetre range
  • Standard speeds up to 300mm/s, higher on demand
  • Maintains position with no drift
  • Smooth motion and uniform speed
  • High reliability and long life with low maintenance
  • Flexible configuration, easy installation
  • A typical solution may be 45 tonne load with 8000mm wide x 20000mm long lift car

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ISO/ASCertified - 9001/14001/4801

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