10th Anniversary Malabar Magic Ocean Swim

Charity swim

On Sunday 18th February, Liftronic supported the Rainbow Club by participating in the Malabar Magic Ocean Swim. Liftronic have been keen supporters of the Rainbow Club for over 6 years.

With starting honours being held by the legendary Dawn Fraser, our Liftronic team of staff and family, led by Managing Director Milan Debelak, battled it out in the 1km ocean swim. With our fastest swimming recording a time of 18minutes, 19 seconds.

Fundraising for the swim came in at over $126,000 with Liftronic swimmers contributing $10,878 to the cause.

Rainbow Club is the beneficiary of this terrific fundraising effort, and they plan to open three new social swimming clubs for children with a disability this year because of the huge success of the 10th-anniversary celebrations!


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