When Is It Time To Modernise Your Elevator?

Elevators are built to last, and on a purely functional level they won’t need replacing – just regular maintenance and upkeep – for many years. However, there will come a time period in the operations of any mechanical equipment where the cost of keeping it running will outweigh the practical benefits of continual use.

So when is the best time to modernise your elevator? You don’t have to be an expert, so let the experts clue you in on the telltale signs it’s time to modernise your elevator.

Obsolete elevator parts and frequent repairs

The number one reason to upgrade the model of your elevator system is when advancements in the market begin to slowly create a prohibitive space for old parts.

Anybody who’s ever worked on a vintage car will tell you that, over time, obsolete technology and parts stop being made, or go from regular line assembly to niche part makers. The relative scarcity of replacement parts being made, the relatively higher cost (due to less overall bulk in orders), and the lack of new models entering the market with those parts will inevitably drive costs upward.

Past the 20 year mark, this can also require (depending on model) service personnel with a knowledge of outmoded systems, or equipment specialised to deal with old systems. This degrading effect won’t affect all models, but it can be a salient point to consider for some.

On top of this, the older an object gets, the more frequently you’ll need to repair it. While elevators are extremely sturdy, they inevitably will need upkeep. Over time the frequency of repairing, and the amount of downtime that your lift will experience, will gradually increase.

A combination of cost and downtime will eventually reach a point where a new elevator system becomes the logical progression, eating the cost of purchase and installation in order to save gradual costs in repairs.

Regulatory creep

We’re constantly striving to make the workplace safer, and to do everything we can to ensure the quality and sanctity of human life. Due to this, our regulatory systems are commonly adjusted, and lifts are no exception to this rule.

An older lift, considered perfectly safe at its purchase, can be deemed no longer compliant due to advancement of safety technology, at which point you have a choice: retool the lift to fit the new specifications or repurchase a compliant model. For newer models, the former option is more cost effective, but over time the latter combines with the reasons already outlined above to provide more justification for the latter.

Time’s arrow

According to the majority of safety experts, the optimal time to replace an elevator – just as the parts historically begin to creep past their cost effectiveness, and advancements in the field begin to add up around it – is the 20-25 year mark.

This isn’t a hard line; some elevators can withstand the pressure of time past the 30 year mark, and some begin to underperform their listed specifications before it. However, it’s around this time that you should begin to take a long look at the cost effectiveness, and determine if your machine is performing or if you’re in need to modernise your elevator.

Benefits of elevator modernisation

Upgrading your lift system offers a wide range of benefits.

A new lift will perform better and look better doing it, but upgrading will also have other, hidden benefits.

Rather than being power hogs, the majority of modern lifts are cost-efficient with their energy consumption, which will reduce the overall power draw (and therefore total energy costs) of the building they’re placed in. This is an immediate and noticeable benefit, and is largely due to replacing old, outmoded engines and processors with smarter microprocessors that can get the job done with much less of its computational capacity.

Modern lifts are faster and smoother, ensuring quick and level transportation, especially over long vertical distances. They’ll also look better, and ensure the total safety of passengers during trips. With this added safety also comes added reliability; the aforementioned microprocessor has less chance of failure than older, clunky predecessors,

At Liftronic Pty Limited, you’ll also unlock access to our 24 hour, 365 days a year on-call service personnel, and a choice of service agreements for your new system to keep it running efficiently for decades to come.

Modernise your elevator today

Upgrading your existing transportation system with Liftronic Pty Limited ensures that you’ll be installing the best system for the most competitive price point. We take lifts from the design and supply stage right through to installation and maintenance, for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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